When possible, meeting presentations are recorded. Here are the recordings of the live presentations.

Web Design/Dreamweaver/Accessibility | Photoshop | InDesign | Illustrator |Acrobat Pro | Flash | After Effects | Instructional Design | Acrobat Pro  | Captivate | Edge Animate/Premier Pro

Workflow – Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge and more

June 2014 – Mark Heaps, Duarte’s Development Director and Adobe Certified Expert shows the workflow his company uses to create graphic and video presentations using Bridge, Illustrator, Photoshop and more.

The Duarte site has a free download of the ebook Slidedocs, “Slidedocs fill the gap between long-form documents and front-of-the-room presentations. Building effective visual communications that your audience can pre-read, reference, and share will streamline meetings, enhance presentations, and spark conversations that encourage the spread of your ideas—even when you can’t be there to present them.”


May 2015 Graphics Designer Veronica Primeaux explains Behance and how it can be used to showcase portfolios and creative work.

Web Design / Dreamweaver / Accessibility / Muse

Creating websites with Muse

Sept. 2016 – Brandon Wilson demonstrates how to create and update a website using Muse – without writing any HTML or CSS code

Accessibility infographics guidelines

Definitely worth reviewing

Creating accessible Word docs and PDFs

Oct 2016 – Cornelius Chopin’s presentation  (PDF)

Accessibility resources

Making PDF fillable forms accessible

April 2017 – Cornelius Chopin’s presentation and PDF, Designing Forms for Auto Detection

Modern Accessibility Techniques using HTML5 and WAI-ARIA

June 2016, Hiram  Kuykendall:
Resources: Knowbility/OpenAIR accessible website contest – webAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind)
Hiram’s Handout (accessible PDF)

Bootstrap 3 framework with Dreamweaver CC

Feb. 2016 – detailed notes are available

Basics of building an accessible web site

October 2012 meeting – Basics of building an accessible web site with Dreamweaver by Cornelius Chopin.

note: There was much discussion during this presentation; when the presenter is not speaking, usually an audience member is talking. You may be able to hear the other speakers by turning up the volume.

Accessibility reference sites mentioned during the presentation:

Developing an Accessibility Strategy

March 2013 meeting; Hiram Kuykendall, CTO of MicroAssist discussed how to develop an accessibility testing strategy for web pages and more.  (introductory remarks until 4.24 minutes.)

Resources: slide show (PDF – download if it doesn’t display correctly in the browser), example pages and more

Responsive Design & Retina Displays

September 2012 meeting – Responsive Design and Retina Displays by Eli McMakin and a brief demo of using Dreamweaver to create fluid grid layouts (responsive design).

Note: for the first 6 minutes the screen doesn’t display – there’s just audio)

Create a Mobile App with Dreamweaver CS6

June 2012 meeting – Cornelius Chopin demonstrates how to create a mobile app using Dreamweaver CS6

Why and how to build a website in WordPress

Karen Kreps’ June 11th presentation
Adobe web reference: Why and How to Build a Website Using WordPress. Editing a WordPress theme with  Dreamweaver, part 1


Vector graphics and raster images in Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate –  Adobe Faculty and Education expert Thomas Benner (June 2017)

Case Studies in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign; Featuring Customized Typography, pt 2 – Senior graphic designer and presenter Carol Gunn showcases project-based case studies featuring illustration and typography in Illustrator and Photoshop, with a special emphasis on customizing typographic designs, and a brief overview of finishing projects in InDesign and Acrobat Pro (June 2017)

Graphic designer Veronica Primeaux shows how Illustrator and Photoshop work together as the Dream Team (Nov. 2016)

Creating and Editing Animated GIFs – July 2016 by Bob Mathews. Files in the presentation are available for download (the first couple of minutes of the presentation are blank; just move past that to see the presentation)

Photoshop Masks (Sept 2015) Adobe Certified Photoshop Instructor Cornelius Chopin uses his new app to explain all about using masks in Photoshop

Photoshop Actions (June 2015) – Kenneth Loebenberg shows how to create actions to automate repetitive tasks in Photoshop.

Photo Restoration (Aug. 2015)

Kenneth Loebenberg demonstrates how to scan photos and then how to repair and restore them using Photoshop.

Processing HDR photos with Lightroom and Photoshop (Sept. 2014)

Bob Mathews shows ways of improving photos (or adding speciall effects) in Lightroom, Photoshop and the third party Photomatix Pro.  The files Bob uses in the demonstration are available for download (zip file, at and

Handout (PDF) with tips, Photoshop and Lightroom shortcuts and more

Working with video in Photoshop

May 2014 – Learn how to create GIFs and how to create video files such as MP4s that include still images and videos, how to add special effects, filters and transitions.    video editing resources and online tutorials (PDF)

It’s all about Masks (April 2013)

Adobe Certified Instructor Cornelius Chopin shows how to select parts of an image or a layer and how to add one or more masks to hide sections, add clipping mask, gradient masks, and more to improve photos or add special effects.

Unlocking the mystery of Photoshop Layer Masks with Blend modes (Jan 2016)

Kenneth Lobenberg shows how to use the various Blend modes

Create Awesome Photos with Photoshop

December 2012 – Create Awesome Photos with Photoshop by Adobe Certified Instructor, Photographer and Photoshop teacher Carolyn Coffey. Her web site has PSD files from her iBookPhotoshop R & R: A 10 Week Course on Retouching & Restoration, (also available at Amazon for Kindle) including ones from the presentation. (The video begins at about 4 minutes). Carolyn returned for Photo Glamorization (next)

Photo Glamorization and Retouching

August 2013 – Photo Glamorization and Retouching.  Adobe Certified Photoshop Instructor Carolyn Coffey demonstrates retouching and glamorization. Carolyn teaches Photographic Retouching at Austin Community College and is currently finishing a book on Photoshop CS6. Carolyn demonstrates ways to clean up distractions without compromising the original intent of the photographer, then shows the art of glamorization to enhance the beauty of a young woman.

Tips N Tricks for Photoshop CS6 and Earlier

August 2012 Meeting – Tips N Tricks for Photoshop CS6 and earlier – Lori Luza (As You Wish photography) and Donna Blumberg demonstrate some of their favorite Photoshop tricks beginning with Photoshop CS4 and include some of the most popular new CS6 features.

Photoshop Effects, Batch Processing

April 2013 meeting Batch Processing and Photoshop special effects Karen Kreps demonstrates how to work with batches of photos in Photoshop, Fireworks and Bridge (first 30 minutes), then several attendees demonstrate how to combine and tweak photos by applying various types of layer masks to produce interesting effects.

Photoshop and Bridge – RAW files

March 2012 meeting, audio only – Photographer / Photoshop expert Eli McMakin describes how he Uses Photoshop and Bridge to work with RAW photographs. Although his screen is not visible, his explanations of the differences in RAW, DNG JPEG and narration are definitely worth hearing. (For most of the demo he displayed photos he took at a crowded nightclub, mostly one one photo of a young man sipping a drink and other young man behind him with raised arms flashing a victory sign .)


Setting Up Documents in InDesign

March 2017 – Adobe Certified Expert Tom Berglie demonstrates how to set up pages in InDesign for a variety of types of documents, including a basic flyer, a trifold brochure, a book, and a letter, envelope and business card in one document and more.

InDesign CC 2015

December 2016 –  Adobe Certified Expert Tom Berglie demonstrates how InDesign works with tablets and looks at some of the new CC 2017 features.

October 2015 – Adobe Certified Expert Tom Berglie delves into the new features of InDesign CC 2015

Use InDesign/Digital Publishing Suite to transform publications into interactive tablet apps

November 2014 – Adobe Certified Expert Tom Berglie demonstrates how to create a digital publication that is viewable on multiple devices (desktop, tablet, mobile)

Create eBooks with InDesign CS6

July 2012 meeting – Create ebooks with InDesign presented by Pam Knight, Plainview Press and Karen Kreps, Net Ingenuity PDF of slide show.

Although some of the details are a bit dated, these two InDesign Magazine articles from 2009 still have much good information about creating epubs.

InDesign CS5.5 Basics

January 2012 meeting presentation by Graphics Designer Veronica Primeaux on InDesign CS5.5 basics.



Vector graphics and raster images in Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate –  Adobe Faculty and Education expert Thomas Benner (June 2017)

Case Studies in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign; Featuring Customized Typography, pt 2 – Senior graphic designer and presenter Carol Gunn showcases project-based case studies featuring illustration and typography in Illustrator and Photoshop, with a special emphasis on customizing typographic designs, and a brief overview of finishing projects in InDesign and Acrobat Pro (June 2017)

Nov. 2016 graphic designer Veronica Primeaux shows how Illustrator and Photoshop work together as the Dream Team.


Importing Text and Graphics with the free VariableImporter.jsx script

July 2015 – the script’s author Vasily Hall explains how to use this script and shows various ways it can be used (detailed description). Vasily’s LinkedIn page includes details about the script; the script itself is available at GitHub,

Cool New Features in Illustrator CC 2014 and also in older versions

Graphic Designer Veronica Primeaux’s August 2014 presentation of Adobe Illustrator

Creating 3D Objects in Adobe Illustrator

Cornelius Chopin’s November 2013 presentation using Illustrator CS5. More information is available at his site,

Pathfinder Tool – Manipulate Objects and Text

Recording of Veronica Primeaux’s September 2011 presentation on Illustrator’s Pathfinder Tool: Manipulate Objects and Text

Creating Cool Designs in Illustrator CS6

Recording of Veronica Primeaux’s October 2013 presentation.

Illustrator CS5.5 Live Trace, Live Paint

Joseph Bourque’s (his site August 2011 Illustrator presentation Using Adobe Illustrator 5.5’s Live Trace and Live Paint to create digital comics from scanned pencil sketches or bitmap images. His slides (PDF)

Instructional Design

September, 2013 – Senior Instructional Designer Wayne Vermillion answers the question “What is instructional design?”. He provides multiple viewpoints while referencing Adobe products and Adobe competitors in instructional design


Build Android Apps with Flash

February 2012 – Certified Adobe Instructor Cornelius Chopin‘s presentation on Building Android Apps with Flash

After Effects

January 2013 An overview of After Effects features by After Effects instructor Steve Connor (

March 2015  Composites, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics and More by Jon Merrifield, Peli Studio

Acrobat Pro

Sept. 2017 – demo by Donna Blumberg on Adobe Acrobat Pro DC,  including information on the Document Cloud and how it can be used, various ways of creating PDFs, editing, combining multiple documents into one, creating fillable forms, scanning docs, checking PDF accessibility and more.

January 2014 – demo of some of Acrobat Pro XI features, including ways of creating a PDF – from documents, clipboard, web site – creating and printing comments, combining multiple documents into one PDF, converting scanned text from an image to searchable text (OCR), creating fillable forms and more

March 2014 – Create an Accessible Interactive form in Acrobat Pro XI, presented by Cornelius Chopin, an Accessibility Specialist.

Additional resources


April 2014 – Captivate 7 overview

October 2014 – Creating Responsive eLearning Projects with Captivate 8 (the audio during the first few minutes is low but improves as the speaker moves closer to the mic). Presenter Cindy Glenn also mentions the site as a resource for finding the dimensions of various mobile devices. And shows the size of that browser’s window.

Edge Animate/Premier Pro

December 2013 Edge Animate Overview by Luci Rios (this is on YouTube)

July 2014  How to Make Accessible Web sites with Adobe Edge Animate by Cornelius Chopin
Pros and Cons of Adobe Edge Animate (PDF)

March 2015 – Adobe After Effects – Composites, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics and more by Jon Merrifield

April 2015 Premier Pro – a Tour. Watch as presenter Jon Merrifield edits a 1 minute video in Premier Pro