Cool New Features in Illustrator CC 2014 and also in older versions – Graphic Designer Veronica Primeaux’s August 2014 presentation of Adobe Illustrator

Creating 3D Objects in Adobe Illustrator – Cornelius Chopin’s November 2013 presentation using Illustrator CS5. More information is available at his site,

Pathfinder Tool – Manipulate Objects and Text – Recording of Veronica Primeaux’s September 2011 presentation on Illustrator’s Pathfinder Tool: Manipulate Objects and Text

Importing Text and Graphics with the free VariableImporter.jsx script – July 2015 – the script’s author Vasily Hall explains how to use this script and shows various ways it can be used (detailed description). Vasily’s LinkedIn page includes details about the script; the script itself is available at GitHub,

Creating Cool Designs in Illustrator CS6Recording of Veronica Primeaux’s October 2013 presentation.

Illustrator CS5.5 Live Trace, Live Paint – Joseph Bourque’s (his site August 2011 Illustrator presentation Using Adobe Illustrator 5.5’s Live Trace and Live Paint to create digital comics from scanned pencil sketches or bitmap images. His slides (PDF)